March was a whole different story for this year. My shooting days were four total, considering I do this as a side hustle, that’s big. I made 7 videos for my client for a whole month of Promotional and Event Videos. It was a great feeling!

On the side, I was able to go back to the province, albeit for two days only, and I was the honorary photographer there for my mom’s reunion. The experience was great! I got to use my WeBill Lab for my shoots and I also got to take on a Videographer to help cover the event.

I took notes of the things I did well: getting a videographer, having a script. But had more list of things I can improve on: using a lav mic, having a written script or using my iPad as a teleprompter would have been useful. That and a bunch of other things I have on my notebook of learned lessons.

I am so grateful, aside from the fee which helped me buy extra batteries and a few other small items, I gained a lot of experience, I saw my weakness and the kind of partner who will help me grow. I took notes of my learnings and really pushed myself to apply those improvements on my next edit. And I also took critique from my fellow filmmaker who has a great eye for editing. Whom I hope I’ll be working with this April.

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Creator of Padawan Ph. I tell stories through Words, Photographs and Video.

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