January is the first month of the year. Usually, people want to do their very best during this first month as it serves as the anchor or launching point of the rest of the year.

Unfortunately for me, I felt that my January was an unproductive slow start. I hit the ground running by making a new year’s edit and I was fairly happy with that. But the next two weeks I felt like I accomplished nothing.

It was business renewal season and I was caught up in the PROCRASTINATION and STRESS of it all. My health was also not that good and I had to take another round of antibiotics to deal with recurring UTI. That said, January really felt crapy. Until…

I was able to book a 30-minute morning with my friend to shoot his Honda Africa Twin. Not only that, I also got to mount the motorcycle, which certainly looked and feel like an enormous horse.

I eventually came into terms with myself for the unsatisfactory first month of the new year. We all have to accept that there will be seasons of rut, seasons of overwhelming work as well as a time when everything feels just right. At the end of the day, I was glad I made two videos for me, and a few edits for my clients as well.

New Year’s Edit
Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sport 2018 Anniversary Edition

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