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Padawan Ph

is a Digital Media Service Provider based in Metro Manila, Philippines. “Padawan” is a term that means (Jedi) apprentice. Not a Star Wars geek, but at an incessantly hungry student, Padawan Ph began as a creative passion project of Jo Santiago.

Your Story

Padawan Ph seeks to tell your story. We believe that every brand, individual or family, who has a deep sense of identity is built on the truth and rawness of their own stories.

We Are Personal

We are hands-on and in-your-face. Knowing our clients is our foremost priority before we dive into our what we do.

What We Do

Video Production

Video is among the strongest mediums for getting your story out in the world. It creates a setting, a feeling, both with words and visuals.


Photographs that evoke strong feelings. These are your moments.

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Padawan Ph
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